Parent Affirmations

“This place has been wonderful for him…There’s no limits on his creativity. He’s a STEM kid, so he likes to build things…He can have these discussions about programming or designing or things like that. Here, he’s found a home, a community, where he can have these conversations with facilitators and they understand. They embrace him.”

-Diane Tinsley

“The shift from public school to this kind of environment required that they decide what is it that they want to do. They have to set intentions, so in our home life I started seeing that difference. They would announce: ‘This is what I want to do today!’ In that process, they’ve both become way more self-expressed.”

-Sarah Roman

“Douglas was unhappy about going to school. What he craved above all else was time. Time to do his own projects at home, read his own books, learn what he wanted to learn online and play with his own choice of friends. Between the long, structured day with homework and no recess, there was no time in his day for the things he actually wanted to do. The Agile Learning Center changed all that.” 

-Alexandra Patz

Want to hear more from our parents? Check out this transcript of a panel they offered at one of our summer facilitator trainings! 

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