“facilitator” (noun):
someone who helps to bring about an outcome (such as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision

Our environment and friends can facilitate our learning...
We're grateful for volunteers, guests, and parents who facilitate offerings!
And our team of Agile Learning Facilitators (ALFs) coordinate our day-to-day flow!

Mel Compo (they/them) joined ALC-NYC as facilitator and librarian in the summer of 2016. They’re the instigator of Library Quest, the host of Free Write, our visitor coordinator, an artist, climber, singer, question collector, and adventurer. They host regular support calls for facilitators across the network, and they co-wrote the Facilitation Guide that accompanies the ALC Network Starter Kit.

Ryan Shollenberger (he/him) has been a central figure at ALC-NYC since day one. Ryan’s background in education includes several degrees and time teaching in a variety of environments. He hosts Math, Sports Chat, Minecraft, Geoguesser, and kickball. He loves sharing about German, philosophy, fitness, archetypes, and history. He’s been a co-director since 2016 and admissions coordinator since 2018.

Abby Oulton (she/her) started facilitating when the school first officially opened as the flagship ALC in the fall of 2013. Starting in 2015, she took on a bunch of administration and community building work. In 2016, she assumed co-directorship of the school and started organizing trainings. Since 2017, she has served as Vice President of the ALC Network, doing work that very much echoes what she does locally in NYC. She loves developing new skills and collaborating with practicing facilitators (especially teens)!

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