One of the ways we are able to create an interesting and rich environment at ALC is by welcoming the gifts of volunteers from our wider community.

We have had many amazing folks share their skills and passions with our community, and they often reflect that it is fun and exciting to teach when the students are actively choosing to participate. 

We often introduce new volunteers and their offerings to our community through our Set-the-Week meeting, which happens each Monday morning. If students express interest in the offering, we’ll add it to the schedule and get ready to go! We’ve joyfully welcomed volunteer-led offerings as light as a 1 hour AMA with an archaeologist, as intensive as a Saturday theater workshop, and as long-running as a semester of Partner Acro-Balance that culminated in a showcase (and has now continued into multiple years of weekly skill-building workshops).

If you’re interested in volunteering your time at ALC, please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch. 

*Please note* If you are interested in a longer-term internship that focuses more on the art of Agile Learning Facilitation, fill out our general contact form and let us know — we’ll get in touch to explore that possibility with you. 

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