Creator? Explorer? Facilitator?

Will you come learn and play with us at ALC-NYC Summer 2018?

July 12th – July 20th, 2018

Let’s talk about innovative education. About play and technology. About teaching self-teachers, running “Genius Hour” all-day every day, and supporting a community of unschoolers. Let’s change up our conversations about education, so they’re as intentional and agile as we are. Can’t wait? You’re in luck! We’re not the only ones running trainings…

Foundations (3 day program): July 12th – 14th

Do you want to facilitate? To support self-directed learners in both individualizing their educations and building a healthy community? Or are you interested in the intersection of Agile and alternative education? Or finding tools and practices to adapt for your own project?

Join us for a three-day introduction to facilitation and Agile Learning! We’ll follow the rhythm ALC-NYC keeps during school days: morning intention-setting, daily exploring, then regrouping in the afternoon to reflect. Experienced facilitators will make offerings to share the theory and practices supporting Agile Learning Centers. Participants will be invited to make and request offerings based on personal interests and passions.

Full Program: July 12th – 20th (July 15th off)

Looking to practice community-building and explore self-directed learning more personally? Do you have deeper questions about facilitating, the ALC Network, or how to adapt some of our structures for your own project? 

Participate in the foundation-setting introduction, then stay to experience self-direction in community, supported by tools and practices used at ALCs and ALF gatherings around the world. We’ll continue offering workshops and discussions, both building on themes from the first three days and exploring related topics. We’ll share resources, take trips, hear from experts, and get our hands dirty. 

**If you’re interested in becoming an ALC Network-recognized facilitator, the process continues with practice facilitating and a Peer-Review after this summer program. If you indicate an intention to become an ALF when applying to the program, a hosting facilitator will reach out to coordinate with you. **


When? Doors will be open by 9 am. We’ll begin on time at 9:30 am. Afternoons will vary, but we’ll aim to close by 4:00 pm. 

Where? 115 E. 106 St. New York, New York

How Much? Foundations: $350 per person // Full Program: $800

Meals: Lunches will be catered. Light breakfast options will be available from 9:00-9:30 am. 

Accessibility: ALC-NYC is located on the second floor of a building with a basement entrance. While there is an elevator inside, entering the building requires navigating a short staircase. 

Our registration window for the 2018 program has closed.

Can’t wait for next summer? You can always check for a list of offerings from across the network, including the Sacramento one that Mel and Abby will be co-hosting in August.

Hosting ALFs

Mel Compo

Mel is a facilitator, artist, librarian, and witch at ALC-NYC. When they’re not talking art-and-story-making with kids, they’re leading field trips on subways, buses, and ferries to every kind of museum, library, and craft supply store NYC has to offer. They’re excited to explore brain plasticity, useful schema, healing, play, gender, justice, theory and practice with you this summer.

Ryan Shollenberger

A central figure at Agile Learning Center NYC since day one, Ryan’s background includes several degrees and time teaching in a variety of environments. He’s known in the ALC community for his amazing beard, his sincerity and playfulness, facilitating meetings, and co-creating spectacular Minecraft worlds. He’s especially excited to share Archetypes and Werewolves with you this summer.

Supporting ALFs

Chuck Savoy

After two years of support facilitating at various ALCs between practicing photography, candy-making, leather work, rope/wire work, and sailing, Chuck arrived in East Harlem to take up a post as ALC-NYC’s resident tinkerer and maker. 

Abby Oulton

Abby is a first generation ALF, co-director of ALC-NYC, and active coordinator of the global ALC Network. This will be her seventh ALF Training program and the fourth one she has co-organized.