Creator? Explorer? Facilitator?

Will you come learn and play with us in California this summer?

August 2nd – August 11th, 2018

Does the idea of finding yourself between nutrition conversations, campfire songs, science fiction read-alongs, tag games, and portrait painting on a Thursday afternoon bring you joy? How about the idea of seeding or supporting a space where a community of learners intentionally co-creates their experience? Yes? Yes. Us, too.

For the past five years, Agile Learning Facilitators have been changing up conversations about education. ALC started in East Harlem and rapidly grew into a global network, with our flagship staff explicitly dedicated to sharing our learning and support wherever we’re invited to around the world, nurturing new facilitators and partnerships between projects as best we can. 

This ALC-NYC Summer program is being hosted by local community Free To Learn. The immersive experience will include workshops, practice, and reflection time, held by experienced facilitators from both US coasts. 

Foundations: August 2nd – 4th

After introductions, we’ll jump into a three-day introduction to facilitation and Agile Learning! We’ll follow the rhythm ALC-NYC keeps during school days: morning intention-setting, daily exploring, then regrouping in the afternoon to reflect. Experienced facilitators will make offerings to share the theory and practices supporting Agile Learning Centers. Participants will be invited to make and request offerings based on personal interests and passions.

Break: August 5th

Practice: August 6th – 9th

After foundation-setting among ourselves, we’ll be joined by kids from the Free To Learn community! We’ll spend the week together, co-creating our experience as happens in ALCs around the world, with space to build on themes from the first three days and to explore related topics. We’ll share resources, have adventures, hear from experts, and get our hands dirty. 

**If you’re interested in becoming an ALC Network-recognized facilitator, the process continues with practice facilitating and a Peer-Review after this summer program. If you indicate an intention to become an ALF when applying to the program, a hosting facilitator will reach out to coordinate with you. **

Wrap Up and Reflection: August 9th – 10th

For our final two days together, we’ll check back in with our original questions and goals. We’ll wrap up loose ends, share our learning, tackle any outstanding questions, and offer peer reviews. 


When? Doors will be open by 9 am. We’ll begin on time at 9:30 am. Afternoons will vary, but we’ll aim to close by 4:00 pm. 

Where? Winding Way and San Juan Ave, Fair Oaks, CA

How Much? $1000 suggested donation

Meal Plan: $250 for breakfast bar and catered lunch on all program days

Housing: Our out-of-town facilitators have room for 6 participants to share their rental for $500 each. Once those 6 spaces are taken, program coordinators will work with participants needing housing to arrange other options.


Are you in?

Click HERE to sign up!

Registration open until July 1st.

Hosting ALFs

Mel Compo

Mel is a facilitator, artist, and librarian at ALC-NYC. When they’re not talking art-and-story-making with kids, they’re leading field trips on subways, buses, and ferries to every kind of museum, library, and craft supply store NYC has to offer. They’re excited to explore brain plasticity, useful schema, healing, play, gender, justice, theory and practice with you this summer.

Anthony Galloway

Anthony is co-founder and co-director of ALC Heartwood in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s known for years that his vocation somehow involves community-building and non-stop learning, and he’s got lots of idea for continuing to grow the Heartwood school. Recent offerings he’s facilitated include assembly of a hydroponics system, painting while jamming to Bob Ross, and coordinating a local conference for unschooling//SDE families.

Supporting ALFs

Emily Quandt

Emily is a co-founder, director, and parent at Free To Learn ALC. This will be her second ALF Summer!

Abby Oulton

Abby is a first generation ALF, co-director of ALC-NYC, and active coordinator of the global ALC Network. This will be her eighth ALF Training program and the fifth she has been an organizer for.

Beth Glover

Beth is a facilitator and parent at Free To Learn. Having spent many years as a preschool teacher, Beth knew that she wanted the joyful learning that young children naturally engage in to continue on throughout their education.  


Mia is a facilitator at Free To Learn! She’s magical…and was too busy taking kids hiking, dancing, dog walking, kayaking, and treasure hunting for us to get a non-blurry photo 😉