Online Access Application

In light of the ongoing pandemic, our community has committed to offering online content for the 2021-2022 school year. While we cannot offer full school enrollment to everyone interested, and not everyone interested in our online content is interested in enrolling at the school, we thought about how to expand our offerings in support of more kids while we all navigate a challenging situation. Accordingly, we’ve decided to set up an option where families can sign up for monthly access to a suite of online programming and communications. By popular demand, we’ve also committed to allowing registration for individual offerings, as space allows, for those who aren’t interested in the community experience but want to take a few Art History or Minecraft Politics classes. These are both new experiments, likely to be adjusted in collaboration with participants as we get feedback.

Those applying for access to all online programming will receive a follow-up email from staff once this application has been reviewed. Similar to normal enrollment in the school, students whose applications are approved then are invited to “visit” for a trial period, at the end of which time staff will check in with the visiting student and current students about if and how they would like to proceed.

Those interested in signing up for individual offerings will not need to schedule a visiting period. Information provided on this application will support facilitators in planning the structure and content of offerings around the needs and interests of the kids.

Student Information
Caretaker Information
The Basics
Student Questions 

To be answered by the student please!

An ALC is an environment where students of every age are free to direct their own learning and activities, yet this freedom comes with responsibilities. I understand that I am expected to: 1) Treat others with respect (whether student, volunteer, staff or parent) 2) Behave appropriately for a shared space, including not disrupting others’ learning activities 3) Participate in making, honoring and upholding rules and structures of the community, and 4) Help solve conflicts when they arise.

Caretaker Questions

I understand that ALC provides a real-world learning environment for students to develop self-direction, self-motivation, and self-knowledge. As such we never require students to attend specific classes or produce specific work. The school will support students’ requests for resources and coaching, but we do not direct their learning activities according to any standardizing curriculum. The School Meeting may make certain activities mandatory for the smooth operation of the school. Currently in the online space these are: morning meetings, end of day meetings, periodic check-ins with staff, and appearing in conflict resolution meetings when a complaint has been filed. Beyond these, each child is empowered to engage in ways that support their individualized education goals.

A Note on Participation Fees: Monthly access to all ALC-NYC offerings costs a flat $500. Families joining us for online school with this option will receive weekly emails with schedule updates, be welcome to participate in meetings to shape and reshape the online space, and have access to all online programming. Those interested in selecting specific offerings and workshops to attend will receive email updates as programming is schedule and will be charged per session as they register to attend.

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