ALC-NYC Adult Learners Winter Cohort: February 15 – April 15, 2023

School is in session and the kids are great…but…adults are learners, too! What’s there for us?

We’ve created and shared many online resources over the years, but a basic premise of our philosophy is that learning together deepens the experience for all of us! In that spirit, we’re delighted to offer 10 weeks of mostly-online convenings to a small cohort looking to explore and practice with others.

A young person's hands poised over a well-worn laptop keyboard

Let’s practice something different…

Online Gatherings, February 15th through April 12th

For 10 weeks, we’ll meet on Zoom every Wednesday at 7 pm est. We’ll discuss resources and topics relevant to self-directed education, hear from new and experienced ALC facilitators, reflect on who we want to be as learners, and reflect on our practices together.

Guest speaker contributions and some other sessions may be recorded for sharing with cohort members who can’t make the call. However, most of the calls will include small group discussions in breakout rooms, which will not be recorded. Note-sharing is encouraged 🙂

In Person Experience, April 12th through 14th

Join us for a three-day practice in our East Harlem space! We will follow the rhythm ALC-NYC keeps during school days: morning intention-setting, daily exploring, then regrouping in the afternoon to reflect. Participants are encouraged to make and request offerings alongside our facilitators, co-creating the experience based on personal interests and passions. Those who cannot attend in person will be invited to video call or voice call into parts of each day.

When? Doors open by 9:30 am. We begin on time at 10:00 am. Afternoons vary, but we aim to close by 3:00 pm. 

Where? 115 E. 106 St. New York, New York (second floor)

Covid Protocols: Help make sure our hosting facilitators stay healthy so they can welcome the kids (who will be off on spring break) back to the space the following week! Masks are to be on when in the space and not eating. Rapid test kits will be available, and air filters will be running.

Accessibility: ALC-NYC is located on the second floor of a building with a basement entrance. While there is an elevator inside, entering the building requires navigating a short staircase. Bathroom is gender neutral. The 100 year old heating system will be on, but the castle effect is strong in our space, so the kids and staff recommend wearing cozy layers (including slippers!) We don’t plan to have a dedicated childcare person, but your young people are welcome to accompany you and play in the space.

Meals: Snacks will be provided, but participants will need to pack or buy lunch. The space has a fridge, a toaster oven, and a microwave. The neighborhood has delicious tacos and several grocery stores within blocks of the school.

Asynchronous Sharing, February 10th through July 31st

Before the calls start, you’ll receive an invitation to join a closed Discord server with other cohort members. This space can be used for sharing notes, bringing questions to the group between calls, and updating each other on things we’re learning in our wider lives. We’ll maintain that online space until the end of June, then it will be up to the group to decide whether to keep it or dissolve it.

Optional Wrap Up Call, April 26th

Maybe you’ll end your experience on April 14th and be ready to have your Wednesday evenings back. That’s great. If instead you find yourself wishing for a week to reflect and then one more call to check-in…that’s great, too! We’ll offer a bonus call a week after our official programming ends, for those who want it.


Abby Oulton (she/her) of ALC-NYC is organizing this event! She’ll be hosting the weekly calls, sending out readings and videos, moderating the Discord, and answering your emails.

Facilitators for calls and the on-site days will include Ryan Shollenberger and Rubén Alvarado, who have been part of ALCs since the beginning, insightful and creative new facilitator Gabby Williams, and (of course) ALC-NYC kids!

Rate: $180 – $65 USD

Registration open through February 1st!

If you’re interested in becoming or developing your skills as an ALC facilitator, be sure to let someone on our team know that’s what you’re looking for! You can continue your learning process with our online resources, volunteering in an established space, or coming to a full training! Abby will be co-organizing a training at Heartwood ALC in Atlanta, GA June 20th through 28th, and either she or Ryan will be able to recommend other centers to check in with about their training plans.

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