Enrollment Agreement

This document constitutes a binding legal agreement for delivery of educational services by Agile Learning Center (herein School) and payment of tuition by the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of the enrolled Student (herein Family).

Enrollment: The Family hereby enrolls the Student in the School from the Start Date above for the above School Year.

Tuition: Standard tuition for the School is $25,000. This includes all educational costs in common; however, fees for individual activities, outings or materials are incurred at the option of the Student or Family and will be paid separately.

Tuition Assistance: Out of our commitment to maintain an inclusive community, the School provides a sliding scale for financial assistance. To participate in the sliding scale, a Family must complete the tuition worksheet and then propose a tuition level based on their ability to pay. Such proposal will be accepted or rejected by the Finance Committee based on the availability of financial assistance funds and enrollment openings at that payment level. Enrollment openings at different payment levels are available on a first-come, first-served basis by execution of this
agreement and payment of enrollment deposit. The School cannot guarantee availability at a particular payment level for later enrollment.

Deposit: Payment of the enrollment deposit as a portion of the total tuition is required to reserve your place in the school and reserve your proposed tuition level. Deposits are intended to demonstrate a family’s commitment to enrollment, allowing the School to make staffing and financial plans. Deposits are non-refundable.

Pro-Rata: If enrolling after the first few weeks of the school year, tuition will be pro-rated from Start Date specified above, based on the proportion of months enrolled to the total months of the school year. There are considered to be 10 total months of the school year (September – June). Visiting week fees ($150) are due at the beginning of the visiting week and are non-refundable.

The Family agrees to make all payments according to the schedule complete above, and be responsible for any fees, or legal costs incurred by the School to collect tuition. Tuition can always be paid in full or in advance without penalty.

Full Commitment: For new Families, after eight weeks of attendance, the obligation to pay tuition for the full academic year is unconditional and no portion of such tuition paid or due will be refunded or canceled under any conditions. For Families with returning or prior students, the obligation to pay for the full academic year is unconditional upon enrollment, and no portion of such tuition paid or outstanding will be refunded one month after the deposit is paid.

Enrollment Requirements: The School reserves the right to suspend or terminate the enrollment of a student for non- payment of tuition or fees, or for failure to provide proper and complete paperwork, including but not limited to: enrollment contract, tuition worksheet, health information and medical forms, and emergency contact documents. The School is obligated to exclude from school any student whose immunization records are more than 14 days outdated.
The Student’s enrollment may also be terminated for problems with behavior or attendance. Suspension or termination for the Student or Family failing to meet Enrollment Requirements does not void payments due under this contract.

Additional Authorizations: The Family authorizes the School to arrange for emergency medical care for the Student as needed. The Family authorizes the School to use the Student’s name, portrait or likeness, and creative or reflective work on the web site and other selected media or School publications. The Family also authorizes the School to take the student on supervised field trips, outings and group projects outside of the school.

Governance: As a reflection of the School’s educational philosophy and commitment to a culture of participation and inclusion, we have a parent-involved School Board which is responsible for overseeing the business and activities of the school as well as providing a channel for resolution of problems or grievances. The first signor below shall serve as a representative of the Family on the School Board, and additional members of The Family can motion to be added to the School Board at any of its annual meetings.

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