ALC-NYC Summer 202(1)?!

*May 2021 UPDATE:* It’s taking most of our time to run school, plan with our community to close out the year in a safe and satisfying way, and get our official plans for next school year all submitted to and approved by local health and education authorities. BUT we’ve started a podcast, are helping with some huge ALC Network and Alliance for Self-Directed Education plans, and will likely update this page in June with an offering for folks who want to learn together through July and August. Stay tuned!!!

We were looking forward to our first global facilitator gathering, some exchanges, and our 5th ALF Summer facilitator training this year… but then COVID-19 arrived in NYC. The information below is 2019 info, for those just looking to get a sense of what trainings usually are like here in East Harlem.

In collaboration with facilitators from Gastonia Freedom School, Heartwood ALC, Abrome, and PDX Flying Squad, we put together over 20 hours of webinar content in lieu of our planned events. Access to those recordings is available at


#throwback 2019 content below

Foundations, August 1st through 3rd

Do you want to facilitate? To support self-directed learners in both individualizing their educations and building a healthy community? Or are you interested in the intersection of Agile and alternative education? Or finding tools and practices to adapt for your own project?

Join us for a three-day introduction to facilitation and Agile Learning! We follow the rhythm ALC-NYC keeps during school days: morning intention-setting, daily exploring, then regrouping in the afternoon to reflect. Experienced facilitators make offerings to share the theory and practices supporting Agile Learning Centers. Participants are encouraged to make and request offerings based on personal interests and passions.

Full Program, August 1st through 9th

Looking to practice community-building and explore self-directed learning more personally? Do you have deeper questions about facilitating, the ALC Network, or how to adapt some of our structures for your own project? 

Participate in the foundation-setting introduction, then continue to experience self-direction in community, supported by tools and practices used at ALCs and ALF gatherings around the world. We continue offering workshops and discussions, both building on themes from the first three days and exploring related topics. We share resources, take trips, hear from experts, and get our hands dirty. 


Nahla (she/her) has been at ALC-NYC for three years. After intending to participate in the first California Agile Learning Facilitator training in 2017, she ended up leading a few sessions and discovered that it was work she enjoyed. In 2018, she attended the ALC-NYC Summer training and co-facilitated all of the 2nd California training. She loves travelling, learning about psychology, making beautiful things, dancing, puppies, facilitating games, and talking about deschooling.


Timo (he/him) has been at ALC-NYC for all six years since it was founded, and he’s attended 1 facilitator training. “For most of that time, I have had an important role in resolving conflicts, holding the school to the vision with which it was created, and modelling good communication and integrity. Besides those things, I’m passionate about math, logic, computer programming, language, and games. I’m excited explore these topics and more when I meet you all.”

Beth (she/her) has been at ALC-NYC for four years. She tends to split her school time between focused offerings, connecting with friends, physical activities, and looking after younger students. Practiced as she is facilitating kids, she’s excited to start facilitating with adults. In 2018-2019, Beth helped organize meet-ups across the global ALC network and helped fundraiser for both the network and for ALC-NYC. She enjoys life sciences, data, working out, Spanish, and visiting Romania.

ALC-NYC staff Abby, Ryan, and Chuck will be support co-facilitating!

**If you’re interested in becoming an ALC Network-recognized facilitator, the process continues with practice facilitating and peer coaching after this summer program. Be sure to let a program facilitator know if that sounds like what you’re looking for! **

When? Doors open by 9 am. We begin on time at 9:30 am. Afternoons vary, but we aim to close by 4:00 pm. 

Where? 115 E. 106 St. New York, New York

How Much? Foundations: $350 per person // Full Program: $800

Meals: Catered lunch is included in the program cost. Light breakfast options available from 9:00-9:30 am.

Accessibility: ALC-NYC is located on the second floor of a building with a basement entrance. While there is an elevator inside, entering the building requires navigating a short staircase.

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