Pandemic Program Plan

Operations Plan (2021-2022)

We started the year with both on-site and off-site options, hopeful we’ll be shifting back to having everyone together by the end of the school year. Mandatory masking regardless of vaccination status, symptom checks, use of HEPA air filters, and other precautions remain part of our operations. “Cohorting,” or organizing into smaller groups that don’t mix and that alternate using the physical space, as well as other preparations to return to exclusively off-site programming, will hopefully not be necessary again but are prepared as options for risk management in the event that the city positivity rate surges.

We’ll update this page as we have updated guidance from the local health and education officials. We will, as always, aim to work with members of our community to figure out how to best meet folks’ varied needs with the resources we have without compromising safety.

Looking for some of the resource links and citations from our early response? Check:

and look over our original Covid Resources webpage.

Some Frequent Back-To-School Questions

What does school look like this year?

Starting September 8th, 2021, we will resume school, taking those first 3 days to discuss with kids what their goals are, what kinds of classes to offer for the fall, and what kinds of resources they need.

So long as conditions allow, we will gather on-site Monday through Friday, with the opening meeting at 9:30 am and the closing meeting after cleanup at 3:00 pm. All staff are vaccinated. Masks will be required for everyone. Other measures will be in place as outlined in our above plan.

We will also keep online content available through the year for those who aren’t ready to return in person yet. Meetings and some offerings will be livestreamed, and offerings that were all-online before will remain so. Also remote but off-line, outdoor days were popular over the past year and in family surveys, so will continue to be available as much as possible.

Big community gatherings, though usually the kinds of happenings we most look forward to, will remain virtual or outdoors only until conditions are safer for everyone.

What safety precautions are you taking?

We’ve been following the information put out by the city government, state government, CDC, WHO, and researchers with relevant expertise. We will continue to do so through the year.

Our video calls are end-to-end encrypted and password protected. Usual community agreements around respecting each other and navigating conflict remain in effect. Video call participants are encouraged to use virtual backgrounds or keep their cameras off if they feel more comfortable doing so, and we will continue to make use of the opportunity to discuss staying safe online.

Folks with symptoms are expected to stay home, and they will be sent home in the event they show up for in person school programming and fail the screening. We have vulnerable community members among us and among our households, so we need to take extra care with what we expose each other to.

In-person, masks are required. We’ll also attend to ventilation and group size, maximize outdoor time, limit non-staff and non-students moving through the space, and keep washing our hands!

Can my homeschooled kid drop in? Can my enrolled student still get into college or prep for SAT, AP, and TASC tests? Can we pay less tuition since everything is so uncertain?

2021: pandemic year 2 but still so many questions!

Homeschool kids are welcome to sign up for some of our online offerings. We have a membership option or families can pay per offering. Apply for Online Access Here!

The college and testing landscapes are shifting, but the short answer is yes and we have resources. Staff are glad to help kids map out their plans, study, and practice for their goals…and our advice for most kids right now is to avoid stressing details. If they build transferable skills and stay curious, then we can cover specifics as it’s clearer which specific specifics they’ll need.

We always offer sliding scale tuition. That said, our staff will be running school offline, classes online, field trips, calls with parents, space cleaning, individual check-ins, managing lots of reporting, and keeping up to date on emerging covid research. Doing different labor doesn’t mean we’re doing less labor, and we need your support to keep going.

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