usnatarchives: Happy #AskAnArchivist Day! And Happy…


Happy #AskAnArchivist Day! And Happy #ArchivesMonth, too!

Join us on Twitter as archivists at National Archives locations around the country will be ready to take your questions.

8 am ET @usnatarchives Tune in as young archivists talk about getting started in an archives career.

9 am ET @congressarchives Hear from archivists in the Center for Legislative Archives.

10 am ET @boston_archives Talk about Federal records in New England.

11 am ET @USNatArchives Ask your questions about Declassification.

11 am ET @FDRLibrary Talk about working in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library.

NOON ET @usnatarchives Special video chat!!! Ask archivist Alex Champion your questions and he’ll answer on video.

Noon ET @CarterLibrary Ask questions about President Carter and his Library.

1 pm ET @USNatArchives Tune in as archivist Alan Walker takes over.

2 pm ET @TrumanLibrary @LBJLibrary @HooverPresLib @JFKLibrary Chat with archivists from these four Presidential libraries.

3 pm ET @Bush41Library Learn about the archives of the George H. W.  Bush Presidential Library.

4 pm ET @StLouisArchives Ask questions about military personnel data records.

5 pm ET @StLouisArchives Chat about Civilian Official Personnel Folders.

6 pm ET @NixonLibrary Talk to Carla Braswell about all things Nixon.

Ooooo old things…

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