Minecraft Politics

I’m working in the office and listening to a 9-year-old asking Ryan about a Minecraft world they’ve co-created with other ALC people. The kid asked Ryan about what would happen, how he would feel, if the world were public. Which, in Minecraft speak, would mean that people who aren’t part of this community, haven’t invested in creating the world, and aren’t part of the conversation about boundary-and-expectation-setting for this world had access to it. 

They don’t want to make the world super-exclusive…limiting both possibilities and risk by limiting those with access to just a select few. But they acknowledge that opening it up completely would make both the constructions and culture they’ve created vulnerable to destruction and distortion. 

Their voices have lowered…but knowing that they were (in a room with listening younger kids, too) discussing public versus private, property, risk management, power, the potential in collaboration, and attachment to their work makes me so grateful (once again) for Minecraft, ALFs, and Minecrafting ALFs. 

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