Recognize anyone? ;)“We have thirteen wonderful actors to…

Recognize anyone? 😉

“We have thirteen wonderful actors to introduce to you today, who make up the background cast for KreativeSpill’s upcoming 2D point-and-click adventure game Norse Noir! Like the rest of our cast, some of these folks are VO vets and some are making their video game VO debut here! See if you can hear these talented people in Norse Noir when it’s released!

“Douglas Patz is a student at Agile Learning Center and an avid game designer, most recently of the multiplayer arcade game Galactic Nemeses. Website:

“The release date for Norse Noir has been pushed back a bit, which is really awesome as that gives everyone more time to make the game as awesome as we can! smile emoticon Not only that, but it give YOU more time to enter to win a FREE copy of the game, too! Enter here (enter daily for more chances to win!):

“We’ve got just one more actor to announce, and it is the talented fellow behind our main character, Lars/Loki. Big announcement to come next week!”

(qtd. from Facebook:

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