When an improv game takes on a life of its own… …it…

When an improv game takes on a life of its own

…it may start out as a short warm-up, called “Yes, Let’s,” to practice openness and immediate acceptance of prompts our partners-in-play give us. It may then leave the room it started in, as a silent dance party train. Maybe it returns to the room for a few cues after that, but something has started to shift. Then suddenly everyone is making props—which happen to be crowns with affirmations on them and signs about ALC—which they then take on a walk around the neighborhood.

It’s beautiful.

And so the sincere, enthusiastic, and agile warm-up becomes the main event. A collaborative improvisation warm-up game, turned into the collaborative improvisation game that everyone gathered for, still clearly a meta-level warm up for the collaborative improvisation game of Life (that we’re already playing). 

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