“My son was extremely advanced in second grade and the way he was forced to spend his time at school was holding him back. At ALC, he is able to do advanced math, program in different languages, use apps to teach himself foreign languages — really to learn whatever he wants to learn.

At the same time, he is learning to collaborate and work things out with his peers. He uses kanban boards to set and track daily intentions — a skill many of us never learn until we are adults. I am thrilled with what is happening for him there.”

Mercer Carlin, Parent

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“I came to the Agile Learning Center creatively stunted, emotionally exhausted, and disillusioned with traditional school. Now at the end of the school year, I’m filled with new inspiration. Finally, I truly know myself and what I want my life to look like.”

Sally Zieper, Alumnus
who graduated early

“Douglas was unhappy about going to school. What he craved above all else was time. Time to do his own projects at home, read his own books, learn what he wanted to learn online and play with his own choice of friends. Between the long, structured day with homework and no recess, there was no time in his day for the things he actually wanted to do.

The Agile Learning Center changed all that. Douglas picks what he works on and is supported in this work by adult teachers and volunteers. I hope that other bright, self-motivated children find this healthy alternative to high pressure environment of the NYC school scene.”

Alex Patz, Parent

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